Friday, 3 October 2014

Embarkation of Victoria's First Convoy to World War 1

During the month of October the first convoy of Victorian troops, nurses and many others embarked to the Great War.  The convoy made its way to Albany in Western Australia to meet up with convoys from other states. The First Convoy of the AIF sailed from Albany Sound on November 1st bound for Egypt to prepare for the Gallipoli landings.  

On Sunday the 19th October  2014  from 4-6pm there will be a special ceremony taking place at Station Pier in Melbourne to commemorate the departure of the first convoy from Victoria 100 years ago.  You can read more about the ceremonies and book your tickets here.

Included in this first convoy were many horses, some of them requisitioned from Ballarat, as the advertisement and article from the Courier below, indicate.


     Key Embarkation Dates September/October 1914 (Source ANZAC Centennary)

A2 HMAT Geelong
17 Sep to Tasmania – 12th Battalion, 20 Oct
from Hobart
A1 HMAT Hymettus
17 Oct Victoria Dock – baggage, horses, men
A4 HMAT Pera
18 Oct Victoria Dock – ammunition column
A27 HMAT Southern
18 Oct Victoria Dock – Army medical units,
A18 HMAT Wiltshire
18 Oct Port Melbourne Town Pier – 4th Light
A20 HMAT Hororata
18 Oct Railway Pier – 6th & 7th Battalions,
A21 HMAT Morere
19 Oct Victoria Dock – Field Artillery, horses
A22 HMAT Rangatira
19 Oct Pt. Melb New Pier – QLD artillery
A24 HMAT Benalla
19 Oct Railway Pier – 8th Battalion, horses
A25 HMAT Anglo-Egyptian
19 Oct Victoria Dock – various small units,
A5 HMAT Omrah
19 Oct Railway Pier – QLD Infantry
A9 HMAT Shropshire
20 Oct Port Melbourne Town Pier –
Div. HQ,
2nd Field Artillery, horses
A10 HMAT Karroo
20 Oct Victoria Dock – signallers, horses
A15 HMAT Star of England
20 Oct Port Melbourne New Pier –
QLD Light Horse
A26 HMAT Armadale
20 Oct Victoria Dock – Army service,
A28 HMAT Militiades
20 Oct Port Melbourne Town Pier –
Imperial Reservists
A3 HMAT Orvieto

21 Oct Railway Pier – 2nd Field Company,
command staff, engineers, 5th Battalion,


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