Friday, 31 October 2014

The Sheppard brothers of Ballarat East

Recently I was helping a couple do some research on their house.  They were so excited and happy about their property, and were seeking some information about the family that built it and lived there for many years.

A usual part of research when we are “hunting up” Ballarat people is to look at a little book called Citizens and Sports which was compiled and printed in 1916, by a gentleman named M.M. McCallum.  This book provides brief biographical details in very abbreviated form, so you have to be up with your acronyms, to understand it.  But it often provides a clue or a key that leads to further information, and it is very valuable to us.

On this day I checked Citizens and Sports, actually looking for the father of the family, but what I found was information on two of the sons, and it astonished me.  Here it is:

Citizens and Sports, Ballarat 1916 p. 93
You can see that the brothers were corporal and sergeant of the same company of Field Engineers, and that they were both at the Gallipoli landings.  They have both received high military honours. How proud the Sheppard family of Rowe Street, Ballarat East, must have been.

The National Archives of Australia holds records about service in the Australian defence forces from Federation in 1901, and the Archives have digitised all the WW1 records.  I haven’t been able to look at the Sheppards’ war records - somehow I don’t want to know their fates.  But here are the links, and I will leave it to you to check for yourself, if you want to …

Albert Sheppard    



  1. A quick check and the Sheppard brothers both returned to Australia. They each have a tree in the Ballarat Avenue of Honour, numbers 231 and 232 as they enlisted on the same day, 1st Sept 1914. These two trees should be directly opposite each other and located near the Ballarat Golf Club entrance. Interestingly Charles' tree was planted by a Miss M Sheppard.
    I would love to know if the family of Charles and Albert have memories or information of them visiting their two trees upon their return and if descendants still have a connection with the Avenue trees?

  2. Yes, I also would like to know if there are any members of the Sheppard family who may have memories of these two. Miss M Sheppard is Mary, the younger sister of Albert and Charles, the youngest child in the family.

  3. You are talking about my grandfather Albert Sheppard and his brother Charles. I have a picture of the family sitting outside the house at Rowe Street, Ballarat. I would love to tell you more about the family if you would like let me know

    Grace nee (Sheppard)

    1. Hi Grace, Thank you for your comments concerning this blog post. We would be very interested in hearing about your grandfather and his brother and seeing the photograph of them you mentioned. Look forward to hearing from you.

    2. I would love to have a copy - scanned digital jpeg 300dpi if possible - of the family group portrait you mention above. Is this possible? thanks, Kurt Brereton

  4. We intend to blog again soon about the Sheppard family and will include some photographs then.