Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Sheppard family of Ballarat East

A few months ago we wrote about the Sheppard brothers of Ballarat East, and we were really thrilled to hear from a member of the family, Grace, who remembers both Albert and Charles – Albert was her grandfather.

Grace sent us some photographs of the family to add to this blog and here they are.

The Sheppard family in the garden at Rowe St - George and Mary with their children, Harrie (b.1882), Adeline (1885), Alfred (1887), Charles (1889), Anne (1892), Albert (1894) and Mary (1898). There are 2 more older brothers not in this photograph, Hugh and William. (Worked out from birth records)
Two photgraphs of Albert Sheppard, the one above in AIF uniform, the one below I think the uniform of the Royal Australian Engineers, where Albert was serving when war was declared. Will check this with some of our military experts

This one is simply labelled "War postcard"

Grace writes  "My grandfather Albert Sheppard first went to Gallipoli with his brother where he was given a distinguished conduct medal.  He then went to France being wounded in action then returned to Australia in October 1918. He ended up making the army his career.

"His family consisted of William, Hugh, Harry, Adeline, Albert, Charles, Anne and Mary - the parents' names were George and Mary.

"Members of our family have visited the trees planted for the brothers including myself.  I am not sure whether my grandfather visited them though as I was only one when he died in July 1958." 

Thankyou Grace for supplying this extra information about your family.


If you have anything to add to any of our blog posts please do get in touch with us at the library, we aim to discover and share information about Ballarat and the Great War, and the people involved.

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