Friday, 31 July 2015

August Offensive at Gallipoli

The August Offensive or also known as the Battle of Sari Bair was the last major attempt made by the allied forces at Gallipoli to break the stalemate that had persisted since the landings in April. The Offensive started on 6 August 1915 and ended on 27 August 1915.  The plan involved a series of attacks being made out of the ANZAC position to secure high points along the Sari Bari Range which was a feature of the Gallipoli Peninsula.  These operations would be supported by several diversionary attacks along the existing ANZAC front line.

Some of the areas where the battles took place include Lone Pine , The Nek, Chunuk Bair, Hill 971.  As well British forces landed at Suvla Bay to establish a base area to sustain the ANZAC position through the coming winter.  The idea was when this base area was secure they would join the main attack. Of course this did not happen as the offensive failed miserably.

 The end result of the offensive was an enlarged prison for which the Allies  paid a high price in men and materials. The appalling nature of the terrain, the complex plan and the overly ambitious objectives set for the already fatigued troops made the ‘fog of war’ a crucial factor. Indeed, the August Offensive clearly demonstrates what happens when an overriding strategic objective does not take into account the tactical difficulties on the ground. 

Map  showing the August Offensive. (

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