Saturday, 20 June 2015

Private Alfred Rooney- 9th Australian Light Horse Regiment

Private A.G. Rooney, as part of the 9th Australian Light Horse Regiment had landed in Egypt on 14 March 1915. Leading up to the first stages of the Gallipoli campaign the 9th Australian Light Horse Regiment would remain in Egypt.

Due to the terrain, it had been decided that the Light Horse regiments would not be suitable for despatch with the Australian Infantry Units in the first waves at Anzac Cove. However, having sustained heavy casualties the 3rd Light Horse Brigade, including the 9th Australian Light Horse Regiment, would be deployed to Gallipoli to fight without their horses in late May. They would be attached to the New Zealand and Australian Division and would play a large part in the Charge at The Nek in August 1915.

The 9th received battle honours of Anzac (25th April 1915- June 1915) and Defence of Anzac (8th May 1915 - 30th June 1915), "both being awarded for particpation in operations in the 'Anzac' area of the Gallipoli Peninsula, which extended from Gaba Tepe in the south, to Fisherman's Hut in the north" Australian War Memorial- 9th Light Horse Regiment.

A view taken in 1915-05, from the transport which was carrying the 3rd light Horse Brigade to Gallipoli, when leaving Alexandria. 

Photograph taken from Australian War Memorial website : Australian War Memorial Collections
Sources: Australian War Memorial Website 

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