Thursday, 11 June 2015

6th Field Ambulance - built in Ballarat

The Courier of May 8, 1915, provides an excellent photograph of this Motor Ambulance, the funds for which were raised by the Ballarat branch of the Red Cross. It was built by the firm of L. E. Cutter of Armstrong St. The ambulance was presented at a ceremony at the City Oval - unfortunately the weather was terrible and the day was not a success.  The ambulance was despatched with the latest troops being sent to Egypt. "Stretchers are provided for carrying four severely wounded men, but should the car be required for the transfer of men slightly wounded, then as many as a dozen could be comfortably transported." And it's fitted throughout with electric light.

Below is an advertisment for Mr. Cutter's firm, taken from the Ballarat Courier Christmas special edition of December 1915 - where you will see they do Every Class of Motor Body Building ... I think it interesting that they haven't advertised themselves with the Motor Ambulance ...

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