Saturday, 19 August 2017

Avenue of Honour Planting of Second Section

The 18th August  commemorated the 100th anniversary of the planting of  trees for the second section of the Avenue of Honour to Cardigan. Below are two articles that appeared in the Ballarat Courier in August 1917 which provide details on the preparations which were undertaken and a report on how the day unfolded.

The Ballarat Library will be holding a special Remembrance Day event on November 11th  at 11.30 am when Professor Keir Reeves from Federation University will be joined by Phil Roberts and Michael Taffe to discuss Ballarat's Avenues of Honour. Phil is preparing a book on  The Arch of Victory and the Avenue of Honour  in Ballarat West while Michael has researched the histories of less well known avenues throughout Ballarat. So please join us for what is bound to be a lively and informative discussion.  Bookings essential.

Ballarat Courier 17 August 1917, P.1

Ballarat Courier 20 August 1917,p.5

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