Monday, 24 April 2017

ANZAC Day in Ballarat 1917

The second ANZAC Day was commemorated in Ballarat with events being confined to the schools. There was no public events held on the day but on the following Saturday, 28th April a drumhead service and display was held at the Civic Oval. Citizens attended this event in large numbers to pay their tribute and respect to fallen soldiers and remember those still fighting the war.  Various church denominations remembered ANZAC Day as part of their normal Sunday church services.

This ANZAC Day was especially poignant as it occurred a week after the disastrous First Battle of Bullecourt on the 11th April when Australian troops carried out a unsuccessful attack on Germany's Hindenburg Line near the village of Bullecourt in France. They suffered 3,000 casualties and had 1,170 men taken Prisoner of War.

Here is the report of Anzac Day as it appeared in the Ballarat Courier:

Ballarat Courier 26 April 1917

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