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Trumpeter/ Private Alfred George Rooney - 9th Light Horse Regiment of the AIF

On the 11th of February 1915, the HMAT Karroo set off from Port Melbourne with the troops of the 3rd Light Horse Brigade. Along with the other troops from the 9th Light Horse Regiment, Alfred George Rooney set off for Egypt. They would be aboard the Karoo until the 14th of March.

The 9th was made up of predominantly of South Australian men and a small amount of Victorians. They would consist of 25 officers; 497 other ranks that would serve in 3 squadrons, each having 6 troops. Each troop was then divided into 8 sections of four men each. They would be mounted infantry atop the exclusive Australian Waler Horse and carrying rifles.

Trumpeter/ Private Alfred George Rooney was born in Ballarat East in 1895 to James and Mary Ann Lydia Rooney. He was 1 of 5 children and a labourer by trade. He was also 19 when he enlisted into the Australian Imperial Force on the 15th of October 1914. 

During the duration of the war, the 9th Light Horse Regiment would be awarded 15 battle honours. Follow us as we follow their story.

9th Light Horsemen Receiving the Regimental Standard, Adelaide, 15 November 1914.
[From: The Sydney Mail, 16 December 1914, p. 31.]
[Source: Australian Military History of the 20th Century Website;

HMAT Karroo in Port Melbourne in 1916
The troopship HMAT Karroo under tow from the tug Nyora in Melbourne on September 18, 1916. Photographed by Josiah Barnes.
[Source: the Australian Broadcasting Company Website;

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